This website helps in choosing which program to use to open files with unknown extensions.


Here's a useful website for some handy keyboard shortcuts.


This website adds Google Search default to Internet Explorer.


 Here's a good site for converting text-to-speech.


Working in a foreign language ? Type in your language, anywhere!


If you're working in a foreign language, use Google Translate to translate from any language to any language.


Use this website to check your Internet speed .


This site is a tool to check if a port is open on your computer.


This is a great site for singers! If you remember some of the lyrics of a song, but can't remember the name, just sing it into the computer microphone .Voice Search will find the name of the song for you in seconds


Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more!


Want to merge PDF documents? Here's a site that will do it for you.


This site is a PDF to Word Converter


Here's a link for editing photos online


Reverse Phone Detective helps you find addresses from telephone numbers.


Before you buy from unfamiliar websites, run this to check for risks and ensure safety.


This is a link to a webcam to take photos online from your own webcam.


This is a useful site for finding customer service numbers for all the big companies for any comments or complaints in the U.S.